Here the highest quality workmanship is intertwined with state-of-the-art technology to produce innovative and versatile designs which complement any setting.
flooro wooden flooring is a combination of two elements: the passion for creating beautiful and new-style wooden flooring and the desire to satisfy customers by perfectly matching the product to their needs and tastes.
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podłoga flooro

Why choose flooro flooring?

The flooro wooden flooring brand has grown through the combination of two elements: the passion to create beautiful new-style wooden flooring and the desire to satisfy customers by perfectly matching the product to their needs and tastes.

flooro flooring covers a wide size range with abundant colour selections that will meet the expectations and needs of even the most demanding customers.

The FRUMAX company offers a 10-year warranty on flooro products. The combination of the latest production technology and unique designs allows flooring of exceptional quality to be created with the highest standards of workmanship.

The head office of FRUMAX

is the best advertisement for flooro products

We know everything about Oak flooring. Each customer can count not only on the highest quality products in a huge range of colours, but also on professional assistance during every stage of cooperation.

From material selection through design and assembly to subsequent flooring maintenance. Together with the client, we calculate the number of planks needed on the basis of a building design.

We perform site inspections, measure the humidity and hardness of underlayments, and determine the expansion joints and cork finish. Comprehensive service is one of those elements that distinguishes us and is appreciated by our partners.

FRUMAX is based in a Special Economic Zone.

In every corner of our modern building you come across all types of Oak wood used in interior décor. But that’s not all, we have arranged a rich show-room, with standards unprecedented in our industry, for both wholesale and retail customers. Our advisers help our clients to choose wood suitable for specific purposes and expectations in this attractive environment.


Humidity and temperature are maintained at a fixed level in our facility. We guarantee unchanged conditions for storing products as one of the few warehouses in Poland. If flooring material is stored here for half a year or a year, it will not change its parameters in any way. This is very important for wooden materials that are extremely sensitive to any changes.

Our team



A great salesman. Sells flooring, beech feet and stair components (multiple sales target record holder). He is taller than average and has a calm voice.
Privately, he is a car rally driver and German motoring enthusiast.



Warehouse keeper and handyman. There’s nothing he can’t do. Conscientious and accurate. Fluent in German.



In the team since 2004. Sells window scantlings and stair components. Interested in new technologies, best at physics and mathematics at school. Privately a hunter, gardener and photographer.



The founder of the company, responsible for strategy and development. Privately a lover of grass mowing, a gardener and a happy father of three sons. Loves good, white wine.



Sells flooring to the furthest corners of the world. Responsible for the markets: USA, Australia and New Zealand. He takes care of our lorries. Privately, a fan of Bayerische Motoren Werke cars, an avid carp angler and a lover of good tea (it’s about the colour of the tipple ;) ).



A sales representative for the French market (fluent in French). Company lorry dispatcher, also responsible for payments. Keen on good wine and bakes delicious sugar-free cakes.



Chief Accountant. Perfectly thorough. Huge experience and knowledge. Privately loves gardens, flowers and animals.



An expert, vast experience in selling and installing flooring and terraces (14 years). A lover of cars from the nineties and heavy sounds as well as an expert in planting and processing potatoes ;)



Authority figure, 20 years in the industry. He started as a lumber salesman, for many years he worked for a manufacturer of Oak flooring and flooring chemicals. Has vast know-how, is an expert and a customer advisor. A mile-eater as a salesman. Happy father of 4 daughters.



Always happy and meticulous. In charge of HR and Payroll. Bakes delicious cakes, which is why we can’t wait for her next birthday.



Youth and experience. For a few years, he was personally responsible for the loading of our products, as well as the unloading in their destinations in United Kingdom, Ireland and France. Since August 2021, he supports our country sales department. His huge commitment translates into tangible results, accompanied by his friendly attitude and a smile on his face.