• 100% recycling

    70% of production waste is processed into pure eco pellets. 30% of the waste is used to produce heat – in this way we heat the drying rooms and the production hall.

  • carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide production

    The research we conducted in 2018 showed that we do not exceed 10% of the permitted gas emissions. Additionally, with our photovoltaic installations, we have significantly reduced CO₂ emissions.

  • lorry emissions

    All our lorries meet the highest EURO 6 emission standards.

  • packaging

    All the film and other packaging that are not used are compressed and recycled.

energy efficiency

Our park is equipped with modern machines based on inverters and slow start-ups. Compared to simple and traditional equipment, they produce many times faster and more with the same energy demand. We have installed LED lamps all over the plant.

company innovation

For the sake of our staff, we produce based on advanced and energy-saving technologies and conduct regular (once a year) dust and noise tests. We provide comfortable working conditions in dry and warm rooms. We have efficient furnaces with advanced filters and a long combustion process circuit, allowing maximum use of the burned material and the emission of a negligible amount of gases into the atmosphere. We use electric forklifts for on-site transportation, and we support power production with photovoltaic installations.

budynek frumax

Install flooro flooring with the lowest emission for this type of product.

E1 emission class (below 0.05 ppm).

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent non-governmental organisation established in 1993 by institutions from 25 countries. The Council has developed principles and criteria (certification scheme) in the areas of Forest Management (FM) and Chain of Custody (CoC) upon the fulfilment of which organisations representing the timber management sector can obtain such a certificate. This demonstrates the full involvement of the organisation in the process of environmentally friendly product manufacturing practices.

The FSC® standards are intended for the entire timber management chain and chain of custody (i.e. from forest to customer). These include, among other things, processing and trading companies and wherever we come into contact with products, processed and unprocessed timber elements,
i.e. also paper.

The globally recognized FSC® logo placed on the product is a symbol of diligence and attention to forest areas, their use and management.