The surface of flooro flooring is produced from European Oak which is seasoned before drying. The entire mechanical drying process is then performed in the chambers based on an original method, thus minimizing stresses in the timber. The end product is flooro flooring characterized by very high dimensional stability.

Easy and fast assembly is possible due to the special fin and groove design. This design allows the material to be pressed down while maintaining an exact tolerance at floor level.

The highest quality waterproof plywood is used for production of the bottom layer. Both the plywood and the Oak fins undergo a special conditioning process before production, which reduces the flooring strains and movement during assembly and later use.

During assembly, the planks are connected in accordance with precise dimensions and angles. The Oak top-layers used are exactly 4 mm and 6 mm.

The top layer is finished with three coats of high-quality UV oil or UV lacquer. These treatments make flooro flooring comfortable to use and allow it to retain its splendid look for many years.

Production Process


  • 3 UV oil layers

    UV oil penetrates into the wood structure, thus emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood and protecting the floor. To contrast, UV Lacquer, once cured, will sit on the surface of the wood.


    Once the finish is applied to the Oak floor, the difference between UV Oil and UV lacquer is almost indistinguishable.

  • Brushing

    Removes the ‘soft’ Oak wood texture to create small grooves that give a floor an aged appearance and increase its resistance to scratches.

  • Wood smoking

    Wood modification with gaseous ammonia. This treatment allows unusual colours to be obtained, resembling those of exotic wood, while providing even greater flooring hardness and stability.

  • Underfloor heating

    flooro planks can be laid on under floor heating installations.

  • V2 Bevelling

    Gentle shaping of the two top long edges, create an illusion of much longer planks.

  • V4 Bevelling

    All four top edges are slightly eased (shaped) to highlight each individual plank.

  • Bandsawn

    Creating saw marks on the panel surface, perpendicular to its length. This gives the flooring a raw and amazing look.

  • Hand scraped

    This woodworking method makes the flooring planks look like they are hand-whittled. The created grooves are irregular.