Oak flooring in this colour makes interiors more noble and natural.

At the same time provides a perfect background for very original interior accessories.


An interesting offer for those who appreciate modern solutions and dream of a non-pushy style and freedom in creating their environment.
The product is sold in France.



It fits in with elegant arrangements and blends well with dark accessories.

The natural wood colouring in this model fits in with elegant arrangements and blends well with dark accessories, making interiors exquisite and tasteful. The product is shipped to the Netherlands.



Oak flooring with hand-bevelled panel edge.

It owes its ever-growing popularity to its unusual colour that adds warmth to an interior and creates an illusion of space. It fits perfectly with rustic styles. It is a successful combination of classic and modern.



Extraordinary flooring with a worn effect, slight ageing and sapwood exposed in brushed wood pores.

Ideal for classic interiors. The flooring is a subtle complement to interiors, highlighting their design, without being overbearing. Our product is particularly popular in Austria.



Classic, bright and timeless, it suits both traditional and designer interiors.

This flooring features a wide range of colours and a varied ring pattern.


Discolouration and knots make it unique. The variety of colours and patterns makes this flooring ideal for modern apartments, but also suitable for children’s rooms, houses or public utility rooms. This product is our best-seller in Spain and Great Britain.



Flooring in these colours gives interiors style, elegance and individual form.

Interiors finished with the panels are warmer and thus cosier.


If you are a fan of rustic arrangements or trendy hygge inspirations, then Malaga will be the best choice. The product is particularly popular in Great Britain and Spain.



A panel with a white tint and irregular arrangement of rings and sapwood.

Knots give it a natural charm. The flooring will complement smaller spaces that it will brighten and visually enlarge.


It will look great combined with Scandinavian or English styles, as well as with delicate, pastel colours. Our product is particularly popular in Sweden and France.



Beautiful flooring panels, patinated and smoked.

This traditional colour scheme perfectly matches classic interiors creating a coherent arrangement with the décor.


It warms up modern interiors and gives them elegance. Works well in lounges, kitchens and bedrooms.



This panel has been created for people who appreciate minimalism and simplicity.

The brushed surface and original graining perfectly complement any interior – whether arranged in rustic, industrial, Scandinavian or other styles.


This model represents an infinite variety of designs and is characterized by a clearly marked wood pattern. All this provides a unique decorative effect and underlines the unrepeatable design of the panel.


Our product is particularly popular in Poland, Great Britain and Ukraine.



Oslo Oak has a unique beauty lending clean, minimalist lines along the Scandinavian style.

It will brighten any room perfectly. The whitened flooring will give an almost Arctic freshness, especially to large rooms.



Deep dark brown flooring.

This classy and elegant colour will perfectly match many interiors.


The charm is clearly enhanced by the exposed natural features of wood – diverse graining, knots and occasional sapwood. The flooring is especially suitable for spacious interiors, where it adds cosiness and warmth. Our product is particularly popular in Portugal and Great Britain.


San Remo

It fits perfectly into modern, designer and traditional interiors.

The brushed white in the growth rings stands out to highlight the natural beauty of the Oak.


It contrasts perfectly with vivid interior elements. This is our most popular flooring in Italy.



Versatile flooring with a steamed oak effect.

The warm brown-and-red panels look as if exposed to high temperatures, which gives the effect of exceptional cosiness in a room. The colour is particularly popular in Belgium and the Netherlands.



It is an excellent choice for those who value simplicity, versatility and individualism.

Perfect for many different interior designs.


The natural colour of the flooring, the so-called raw oak effect, perfectly exposes every interior, even the most demanding ones, creating a sense of balance with nature. Our product is particularly popular in the Netherlands.



It exposes the beauty of lightly smoked, brushed and slightly whitened Oak.

White stain subtly remains in the growth rings after brushing and sanding, giving the flooring it’s light shade.


It is perfect for all open-planned living spaces. Our product is particularly popular in Italy.