This brown, classy and elegant colour will perfectly match many interiors.

The flooring gives a unique atmosphere and style. A luxury apartment or a lounge will gain an individual character.



Distinctive rustic dark flooring, hand-planed and irregularly bevelled.

It works well in the houses and apartments of extraordinary design connoisseurs. The product is particularly popular in England.



The three-dimensional effect of the flooring is created by a special oak wood pattern.

This panel has been created for enthusiasts of sophisticated, original solutions


The geometric figures backed by a variety of wood colours deepen the space giving interiors a modern style. The geometry applied in the wood shape and colour arrangement creates a modern design that gives the impression of a three-dimensional space.



This floor draws upon aged planks taken straight from an Irish pub.

The plank's dark colouring creates a mysterious and calm atmosphere, in which we can relax and feel really comfortable. Thanks to kerfing, the floor stands out with its extraordinary plank surface durability.



Aged oak panels with an irregular surface, well brushed & scraped revealing the features of this rustic oak.

Aged, they resemble panels from the early 20th century. Very popular in the south of England.



One of the most popular English patterns, refined in every detail.

This well thought out and logical pattern adds refinement to any room.


Oak is an extremely durable and resilient hardwood, resistant to damage, giving a long-lasting, natural beauty to your home or office. Available in many finishes.



A very popular pattern in central England.

Each individual element has been selected with particular emphasis on obtaining wood with regular straight graining and gloss.


This flooring has a honeycomb pattern – a combination of classic and modern, which is uniquely decorative and emphasises this inimitable pattern. Its appearance is associated with the elegant interiors of country mansions.